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I am an editor at the University of California Press and author of the first full-length handbook ever published on the subject of developmental editing.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

DE Blog on Hiatus

This blog is now officially on hiatus. Followers will note that I haven't posted since November. This is for two reasons. First, I have taken a new position at UC Press that requires my full attention. And second, I feel that I've said as much as I have to say--for now, at least--about developmental editing.

I will be sure to announce when the handbook is available in paperback. And I hope to someday have time to develop materials for a seminar and a course to be taught out of the handbook. For now, I must turn my attention to the challenges and opportunities that we book publishers face today as we gallop headlong into the era of digital books.

Thank you for following, for commenting on my posts, and for submitting your stories to the DE History Project.

Happy editing!


  1. Thank you for this blog and for your book. I swore to myself I'd never become an editor, convinced I would hate it. I wound up being one, though, and I've found that I truly love helping people make their work sound better--when they let me. I'm surprised at the number of people who are outright offended by much-needed editorial suggestions, and I'm stunned that publishers are willing to print garbage because they only allow work to be proofread. There are times when I start to wonder if I'm crazy and seeing problems that really aren't there. The stories on this blog and in the book have reassured me that I am quite sane. Thanks!

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  3. As a long time newspaper reporter and editor, I was excited to discover your book, as the best editing needs to go beyond proofreading. Indeed your book is also helpful in development the structure of a video script. I hope you resume your blog at some point, kind regards.

    -Erich Toll

  4. Hi Scott,
    Am not sure if you will receive this comment.I read your book and came across this post. I wanted to know if you have started or are planning to do an online course in DE. Am a Delhi-based editor and have taken a very good course in DE. Would like to get updated if you plan something in the future.

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