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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Are You Out There?

Our third entry in the DE History Project raises an intriguing question. Like many of us, Amy “fell into editing” after initially aspiring to a tenured professorship in English. What’s unusual about her story is that she’s created a niche for herself on the campus of a well-respected university promoting the goals of developmental editing among scholarly writers.

At the University of California Press, we are finding that changes in the nature of book publishing are giving rise to new experiments in the writing, editing, and publication of scholarship. Research projects that formerly would have “self-published” the results of their labors are now partnering with us to reach larger audiences. Tenure committees are becoming more open than ever to dissertations that have been written with an eye toward publication as books. Debates about open access to electronically published scholarship are raging, and libraries and presses are collaborating to make scholarship available online.

My question: Are there other DEs out there in academia, like Amy, who are forging new relationships between scholarship and publishing? If so, I’d love to hear from you: please send your story to

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